Principal's Desk

" The function of education is to decide one to think interesting and to think critically. Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education."-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Keeping the vision and philosophy of JK Public School in mind, we believe in imparting to our children, an education that helps in the development of- mind, body and soul i.e. Holistic Education.
Our chief goal is to work towards the HOLISTIC development of young children, free from prejudice and instill in them an aesthetic sense along with scientific temper. I believe that every child is special, so education must be personalized and aim to inspire and empower every single child individually. There is something so unique and admirable, hidden in every child and we, as educators, have to enhance their talent, potential by nurturing them lovingly and conscientiously into future leader of tomorrow.
Our aim is to provide students with the most up-to-date facilities to aid them in their Teaching-Learning process. Keeping this in mind, we have technology enabled Smart Classes, a well equipped Library, a Wi-Fi enabled Computer lab, English Language Lab, Auditorium and excellent sports facilities In campus.
Physical training and fitness has been given special significance in Curriculum, for all round personality development of young learners.
With a carefully designed Academic Plan, students of JK Public School get a good platform to develop their self-expression through debates, speeches, elocution and extempore contests that helps in developing their creative and innovative skills.
We are committed to embarking on a journey of learning which would be endless in its pursuit and infinite in its achievements. In this journey, I look forward to passionate support from all stakeholders.
Thank you, for giving us the opportunity to work in partnership with you, to give the gift of Education to all our children.
JKPS Criterion for success is to make a global Society, through a progressive curriculum and preparing children, who have knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to be ethical, culturally aware and transformative leader of tomorrow.
We dedicate ourselves to understanding the dreams of every parent, by providing the best all round educational experience, and bringing the young, ever inquisitive learners a step closer to being ideal global citizen.

Where the vision is one Year,
Cultivate Flowers
Where the vision is Ten Year,
Cultivate Trees
Where the vision is Eternity
Cultivate People

Vandana Sharma