Chairman's Desk

"Not for a moment do I forget what a great responsibility is ours"

The above words of a great world leader ring out today with more intensity in the present situation than they did ever before. It is ironical that in this great nation of ours where we have made so much progress in numerous fields, the very foundation of progress, human resource development, that is education, has been neglected.

Complete neglect of the education system has given rise to a hydra headed monster that manifests in public and private institutions. Unless something drastic is done,  parents will shudder,  if they try to imagine the future of their children. To call it only dismay would be optimistic. Providing good education in schools is one way. But what is needed today is 'Education Plus' which implies something far beyond mere teaching of English, Mathematics and Science. We, the management and the staff at J.K. Public School, have committed ourselves to this great cause and have ensured that our actions speak louder than words'. I can boastfully say that we take interest in their growing up. We give them more attention, know them better,  guide them through their years of awkwardness, indecision, helplessness and fear, and give them emotional security and plenty of love,....because J.K Public School cares.

Raj Daluja