Friday, May 17, 2019
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Martial Arts have become an important part of many people’s life. One of the many benefits of Martial Arts Training is the development of a solid sense of self defense .Its techniques require a certain degree of patience and attention.
Keeping in view, JKPS hosted J&K State Yongmudo (Martial Arts) Championship 2019 on Thursday, from 16-17 May 2019, in its premises. Throughout the State, a total of 450 students from different schools participated in this championship. This Championship was organized by Yongmudo Association.
Yongmudo Association J&K is an association under the aegis of Indian Yongmudo Federation (Recognizes) by School Federation of India (SGFI) Ministry of Youth Affairs &Sports GOI and Indian Olympic Association.
The students competed with each other in various competitions .They competed on testing and grading different levels of recognize achievement such as a different belt color or title and many more.
The students learnt various techniques to protect themselves from punches and kicks.
In this Championship around 450 students from all over the State actively participated and showcased tremendous performances