Games and Sports


Games and Sports

Every student has his/her own true calling. It is up to us to encourage the child to find it by guiding him/her. The child needs an outlet and we provide them the platform. At JK Public School, students are encouraged to take part in sports activities for enjoyment, relaxation and exercise, also as a positive aid to their educational development and the formation of their sense of self worth. Team sports are played on an inter house basis and against other schools. This gives the students a chance to stretch their abilities and feeling of self fulfillment and self achievement. The School provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor games for the development of a dynamic, energetic and active child.


Outdoor Games

  • 1. Football
  • 2. Badminton
  • 3. Cricket
  • 4. Basketball
  • 5. Vollyball
  • 6. Athletics
  • 7. Skating

Indoor Games

  • 1. Karate
  • 2. Taekwondo
  • 3. Gymnastics
  • 4. Judo
  • 5. Table Tennis




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